Road Transports

The port is located about 60 km west from the Helsinki region, about 30 km south from Lohja, about 60 km SE from Salo and about 70 km NE from Hanko. The road No. 186 ends at the gate of the port.

Transport contractors operating regularly in the port, can apply for an automatic access card, and thus get access to the port area. The cards are admitted by the PSO (Port Security Officer) or his deputy.

To get an access permit, please call the switchboard (+358 (0)207 631 504) or send an application in advance by email (mailto: inkooshp(at) Common traffic regulations and signs are to be followed in the port area. The speed limit in the entire port is 30 km/h. The operating areas close to vessels loading or unloading, as well as the natural routes to the warehouses and areas between the warehouses are for stevedores´ use only, unless otherwise informed by signs. Any unnecessary traffic in such areas is prohibited.

The harbouroffice, the customs office and the canteen can be visited without entering the port area from the car park outside the fenced port area through the pedestrians´gate  (B1), and further entry to the port area is enabled by obtaining a access permit from the harbouroffice. The gate is open every working day from 07.00 to 17.00.