ISPS and security



The port complies with the security regulations in IMO´s (International Maritime Organisation) ISPS code, issued on 1:st July 2004. The ID number of the port is 28141.

The port area is a closed area. Only vessels complying with the international security regulations can enter the port. Vehicles or persons need authorisation from the security personnel to enter through the gates. Anybody entering the port area unauthorized, can be dismissed, if necessary with assistance from the police, customs or the coastguard.

In accordance with the rules of the Finnish customs,vessels or their agents must submit the required security report 24 hours before entering the port, either by submitting it directly to PortNet or to the harbour office (inkooshp(at)

For unmanned (drone) aviation around the port areas requires a flight permission. Drone flight permit applications shall be sent to turvakoordinaattori.inkoo(at)

Additional information is given by the PSO (port security officer) Mr. Jani Nordman (mailto: jani.nordman(at), phone: +358 (0)207 631 514, mobile: +358 (0)400 396 044).