There´s a good variety of services and supplies provided to vessels either by the port, nearby workshops or local contractors. Your ship´s agent will be your best mediator for all obtainable items.

Mooring or unmooring
of a vessel must be ordered through the agent in advance. Only a separate agreement can free the vessel from using the
port´s compulsory mooring and unmooring services.

The VHF working channel  12  is to be used for all communication during manoeuvring in the port.

Towage can be arranged, but must be ordered in advance.

The port can supply electricity to the vessels within the quay area (380 / 220 V 50Hz).

Fresh water can be supplied.

Inkoo Shipping Oy Ab is a memeber of the Finnish Port Association.


Our stevedoring department offers tailor made cargo handling and storage in the port.

The port is specialized in handling of different type of dry goods in bulk, and is the biggest port in Finland handling various raw minerals and mineral aggregates.

For handling of different types of goods the port is equipped with three 10 ton rail mounted quay cranes, and two multipurpose cranes on crawler tracks and two on wheels designed for the handling of timber, logs, general cargo and dry bulk. In addition there are front loaders, compact loaders (Bobcats) for trimming, and forklifts.

There are two ro-ro ramps in the port: one (width 17 m) at the northwest end of the basin for loading / discharging through the stern / bow of a vessel, and another ramp (width 8 m) at quay No. 3 for side door loading / discharging.

The Finnish Port Operator's Association's general terminal and stevedoring conditions are applied in all cargo related work.

Inkoo Shipping Oy Ab is a member of the Finnish Port Operators Association.

Ice breaking

The icebreakers or Arctia Shipping Oy assists vessels in winter time navigation, from open water to the port and back, according to the prevailing ice conditions. As a rule, restrictions for navigation through ice are applied at the time. VTS, pilots and icebreakers in the area give adequate information about the prevailing ice conditions. Information can also be found on the web pages of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (BaltIce).

The port is responsible for the icebreaking in the port. In case a vessel´s approach is delayed and the icebreaking has to be done again, the owner is responsible for the costs.

A vessel that cannot arrive to, or depart from the berth, despite the ice having been broken to the berthside, is obliged to engage an assisting tugboat at the owner´s expense.

Clearance and forwarding


Inkoo Shipping provides clearance for ships and forwarding at Inkoo and other nearby ports. An agency branch office in Parainen performs ships´ agency, customs´ clearance and other shipping-related tasks in the port of Parainen and other ports nearby.

The long term experience of our authorized ships´ agents, their presence at the port, and the continuous co-operation with all the other parties in the port give the owners numerous advantages that are not obtainable from other agencies.

Inkoo Shipping Oy Ab is a member of the Finnish Shipbrokers´Association.

Customs office

There is a customs office in the port (manned only on request)

(The Finnish customs southern district)

Environment and waste management

The port follows the recommendations of the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission and the acts on prevention of pollution of the sea from ships.

Get familiarize with our new Waste Management Plan here.  


Any discharge whatsoever into the sea is prohibited in the port area.

The port has a waste management plan and port rules, which are based upon reception of sorted, solid wastes. Solid waste is to be sorted into: energy waste (paper, wood, board, burnable plastic), metal, glass and mixed waste (unsorted waste).


The waste collection point for vessels is located opposite to the port basin. There are separate bins for solid waste:

metal, glass, energy waste, unsorted residues (landfill dump waste)


All these waste types are collected direct from the vessel according to pre-orders to the port (orders either through the agent or direct to the harbour office (inkooshp(at)


Vessels´ sewage is collected direct from the vessel into tank trucks according to a preliminary notice (order to be given through the vessels´ agent or directly to the harbour office (inkooshp(at)


Food waste from vessels trading with countries outside the EU is collected directly from the ships in accordance to pre-orders (orders through the agent or direct to the harbour office (inkooshp(at)

Here you can find our waste management plan for Inkoo Shipping quays 3 and 4, Inkoo Shipping/Fortum quays 1 and 2.