Advice for truck drivers



Port regulations (Click here for more information)



Harbour office

+358 (0)207 631 500


 Access control, Gates/access permits+358 (0)407 364 872

ISPS and IMO goods

Mr. Jani Nordman+358 (0)207 631 511
 Technical manager+358 (0)400 396 044
 PSO (Port security officer)jani.nordman(at)

Stevedoring and terminals

Labour management, Foremen

+358 (0)207 631 503


Customs office Hanko+358 (0)40 332 6931



  • Port of Inkoo harbour office is open weekdays (Mon.-Fri.) 08.00 am - 04.00 pm
  • Access control and gates, 24/7 (except the pedestrians´gate (B1), open weekdays 07.00 am - 05.00 pm)
  • Stevedoring and terminals, weekdays (Mon.-Fri.) 06.00 am - 09.30 pm
  • Customs in Hanko, service hours, every day 07.00 am - 11.00 pm



The port is a certified ISPS area (International Ship and Port facility Security code). Anybody seeking access to the port area must report to access control when arriving at the gate. All persons travelling in the same vehicle must be registered. Registration is to be carried out by calling the phone number indicated at the gate. Comprehensive information about your visit may be requested, and you may be requested to present your identity card. Access control will advise on how to proceed.

When visitors wish to have access to a vessel in the port, they must submit a notification 24 hrs in advance, either by calling the switchboard, or by email to the harbour office, and report themselves to the contact person on board.

An automatic ID-card for entrance can be granted upon application for individuals visiting the port frequently. The ID-card relieves visitors from reporting whenever entering the port if they are alone, and if they do not does´nt aim to visit a vessel. Reporting to the stevedoring foremen after entering the area is required.

The automatic ID-card is individual for each vehicle or person.

The security personnel in the port, have the right to check any visitors identity, or the reason for the visit, at any time while staying in the port. Please prepare for inspections. The security personnel also have the right to insist that unauthorized persons leave the area.

Entry to the port area is only allowed through the main gate.


The speed limit is 30 km/h. Vehicles must stay on the main routes in the port, and pedestrians are advised to use marked paths whenever available, or route sides. High visibility clothing (classification 2), and a helmet (Classification CE EN 397) must be worn.

Drivers must comply with existing traffic signs, and any additional instructions.


A forthcoming despatch is to be notified to the stevedore foremen one working day in advance (phone: +358 (0)207 631 503). The instructions that have been given by access control and/or the foremen must be followed once you have entered the port area. When a cargo is picked up, the tare weight of the truck should always be taken prior to reporting to access control. The weighbridge, where the weighing must be done, is located close to the main gate, outside the port area. If the truck does not hold a card for self transcription of the weighing, issued by Inkoo Shipping,  the driver must write down the tare. For semi-trailer trucks the weight must be taken separately for the tractor and for the trailer. If the truck has got a self-transcription card from Inkoo Shipping, the tare weighing should be done according to instructions. The instructions can be found on the wall of the weighbridge building. When carrying out the final weighing, those holding a card follow the instructions which can be found in the weighbridge control room, those without a card report to the stevedore foremen.

In case something is unclear after entering the area, the foremen should be contacted, or when it´s a matter of bulk goods, contact the wheel-loader directly.(HF-phone channel 21). The foremen´s office is located in the building next to the harbour office. Loading and unloading of trucks is mainly carried out in order of arrival, but with reservations for exceptions.

Loading and unloading of general cargo is carried out by forklifts (max. 7-10 t) or by crane (max. 10 t). There is neither a loading bridge nor a loading ramp for trucks in the port. Goods in containers and the containers themselves must be delivered by side loaders.


It is possible to stay overnight in the truck in the parking lot (unattended) outside the main gate. Staying overnight in the truck inside the main gate is possible only by obtaining a separate permit from the PSO (Port Security Officer).

There´s a canteen and public lavatories in the port. The canteen is open weekdays 07.45 am - 02.30 pm. Lunch is served 09.45 am - noon. There are neither public showers nor saunas in the port.

The nearest customs office is in Hanko, see "contacts" and "service hours".

The vehicle waybridge is located outside the port area.


You can find a link to a  map covering the port area on the here. There is also a guidance map at the main gate.