Quays, berths and ramps


Inkoo Shipping Oy Ab

The Harbour basin is in the shape of a "U", consisting of the quays 3 in the norteast, and quay 4 in the southwest.

The quay 3 consists of the berths 1, 2 and 3 sequentially (counting from the inner end), with a total length of 225 m, max. allowed draught 7.8 m.
- at berth no. 3 there is a ramp for a vessel with a side door (beam 8 m).

The quay 4 consists of the berths 4 and 5 sequentially with a total length of 140 m, max. allowed draught 7.8 m.
- at the inner end of the basin, at berth no. 4 there is a ramp intended for vewssels with a bow or stern door (beam 17 m).

Inkoo Shipping Oy Ab, power plant quays

Quay no. 1, 210 m max. allowed draught 10.0 m.
Quay no. 2, 240 m max. allowed draught 13.0 m.
The berths are sequential.