General tariffs.

Rates on shipped goods


  1. A harbour charge is debited for goods shipped via the port. According to legislation the same charges are levied on domestic, import or export goods.
  2. The importer or the exporter has the primary liability to pay the charge, and is also obliged to provide the port with sufficient data for calculation of the charge.
  3. Charges on goods are levied on the basis of gross weight, unless otherwise informed.
  4. Charges are not levied on the following:
        - containers, pallets, dunnage and similar transport accessories,classified as necessities and not as merchandise
        - goods for vessels´ own use

Rates on goods shipped

CN (Combined Nomenclature) category

CN, customs tariffProduct name€/1000 kg
10 - 1211.03 - 12.12Grain, sugar beet, botanical products1.00
2525.05 - 25.17Sand, gravel0.30
25, 3125.01 - 25.19, 31.01Raw minerals, salt, fertilizers0.65
26, 7226.01, 72.04Iron ore, other ores, scrap1.00
2727.01 - 27.03Coal, coke, peat0.70
2727.10 - 27.15Oil1.10
2727.11Petroleum gases1.20
25, 2825.07, 28.00 - 28.10Chemicals and chemical products1.70
25, 3825.52, 38.16Cement, lime, quicklime, industrial minerals1.00
4444.01 - 09Wood, timber0.80
4444.01Wood pellets0,65
44, 47, 4844.10 - 21, 47, 48Woodpulp, paper, plywood1.00
28-30, 42-51 Other goods, not listed above2.14
Minimum charges  50.00 / delivery


The charges above does not include VAT. VAT is added according to valid legislation.


Effective from January 1, 2019


  1. A harbour due is levied on any vessel entering the port area.
  2. The due is calculated per net tonne (NT) of the vessel.
  3. The shipmaster or his agent is obliged to make the appropriate notifications for calculation of the due.
  4. There´s a separate wharfage for vessels using the port as their home base (trawlers, tugs, yachts etc).
  5. A tug/barge tandem is charged by the net tonnage total of both units.
  6. Vessels arriving in the port in distress are not charged.
  7. The harbour due does not cover waste management, freshwater or electricity.


A cargo carrier (or barge) is charged € 0.50 for each net tonne. Minimum charge is € 300.00.


Tugs, trawlers and boats calling the port casually, neither loading nor discharging cargo, are charged according to the maximum length (LOA) as follows:

Less than 15 m50,00 €
15 - 30 m80,00 €
Over 30 m120,00 €



Vessels calling the port for maintenance, or to change crew, neither loading nor discharging cargo will be debited with 40 % of the rate for cargo carriers.
Minimum charge EUR 120.00.


The charges above does not include VAT. VAT is added to the prices according to valid legislation.

Mooring and unmooring charges


  1. Mooring or unmooring has to be ordered in advance. Only persons authorized by the port may participate in mooring or unmooring of a vessel at the quayside.
  2. The basis for this charge is the net tonnage figure of the vessel. Charges for mooring and unmooring of a ship are collected separately.
  3. Vessels which do not give prior notice of mooring or unmooring, or which moor or unmoor more than one hour prior to, or later than the time notified (mailto: inkooshp(at), will be surcharged.
  4. The charge for mooring is collected based on the time elapsed from first line ashore, and the unmooring fee is debited based on the time, until "let go" of last moorings.

The charges do not include VAT, which will be added to the prices to the valid VAT rate, if the sales are liable to taxation in accordance with the valid legislation.

Net tonnage of the vessel NT

Mon-Fri 06:30 - 21:30 EUR

Mon-Fri 21:30 - 06:30 EUR Fri 21:30 - Mon 06:30 EUR
1- 1499125.00185.00260.00
1500 - 2999141.00269.00382.00
3000 - 4499174.00357.00497.00
4500 - 5999281.00444.00622.00
6000 - 9999449.00532.00648.00
Waiting time / h60.0097.00135.00




Fresh water is delivered from quay hydrants. The service time is Monday - Friday 06.00 - 22.00.


  • Fresh water EUR 4.30/m³
  • Minimum charge EUR 43.00
  • Delivery outside service time EUR 85.00/hour

CHARGES FOR ELECTRICITY (limited availability)

  • Connection 1 x 16 ~ 3 kW, 1 x 230 V, 50 Hz EUR 30.00 / day
  • Connection max 3 x 25 A ~ 16 kW, 3 x 239 (400 V) V, 50 Hz EUR 60.00 / day
  • Connection 3 x 63 A ~ 40 kW, 3 x 230 (400 V) V, 50 Hz EUR 120.00 / day

The minimum charge is for one day.
The charges does not include VAT. VAT is added in accordance with the valid legislation.



  1. According to legislation a waste and garbage management fee (separate for dry, and oily garbage) must be charged from every vessel calling at a Finnish port, unless the vessel is specifically exempted. (Finnish transport agency)
  2. The due is calculated per net tonne (NT) of the vessel.
  3. The port has a grading system for dry, solid waste. The categories of solid waste are as follows:
       - Energy waste (paper, cardboard, wood, plastic)
       - Metal
       - Glass
       - Landfill garbage (unsorted, mixed dump waste)
  4. Reception of oily waste (engine room slops, oily bilge waters, sludge) and sewage is arranged by tank trucks.
  5. A vessel using the port's waste reception service must notify the port at least 24 hours before entry into the port, or if the passage time to Inkoo is less than 24 hrs, as soon as possible after sailing from the previous port. The notification must announce the type and quantity of waste to be delivered, the quantity left on board, and the previous and next port of call. (IMO form: Notification of ship-generated waste) inkooshp(at)

If a vessel, despite being exempted from the waste management fee discharges waste in the port, the port reserves the right to transfer the waste for disposal, charging the owner with the true costs increased with 20 %, i.e. the overhead costs of the port.


Food and grocery waste from vessels in traffic from countries outside the EU is collected direct from the ships in accordance to pre-orders (mailto: inkooshp(at) The waste must be packed in yellow bags for forwarding to disposal.


Dangerous or hazardous waste is collected from ships in accordance to pre-orders to the harbour office (inkooshp(at) The owner is charged with the true costs increased with 20 % i.e. the overhead costs of the port.


Waste disposal rates are collected per net tonne (NT) of the vessel.

  • Solid, dry waste EUR 0.07
  • Minimum charge EUR 60.00
  • Max charge EUR 140.00
  • Engine room slops, oily bilge waters, sludge EUR 0.20/NT (max 12 m³, surplus quantities results in surcharge)
  • Sewage/waste water EUR 0.05
  • Minimum charge EUR 45.00

The charges does not include VAT. VAT is added according to valid legislation.


Stevedore50 €/h
Foreman or expert (if needed)65 €/h
Extra fee, Forklift (or corresponding, e.g. Bobcat)30 €/h
Extra fee, Wheel loader or smaller crane (Fuchs, MSK 60)50 €/h
Extra fee, Crane (Harbourcrane, MD, MSK 140)70 €/h


Normal working hours on weekdays 06.00 – 22.00. Minimum charge is 2 hours.

On weekdays 22.00 – 06.00 and on Saturdays the stevedore, foreman and expert price are increased with 100 %. On Sundays the stevedore, foreman and expert price are increased with 200 %. Outside normal working hours the minimum charge is 4 hours.