The port of Inkoo, Inkoo Shipping Oy Ab


The port is located in the bay of Fagervik at the Inkoo district (60°01´N, 23°55´E). The location is ideal when it comes to covering southern Finland.
The road connects to Helsinki and other centres of trading and industry. The distance to Helsinki by road is about 60 km, to Lohja about 30 km, to Lahti about 150 km, to Turku about 120 km and to Tampere about 200 km.

At Inkoo Shipping the stevedoring department provides handling of goods at Inkoo, the ships´ agency- and forwarding departments at Inkoo and Parainen provides shipping services and customs´clearance in the named and nearby ports.

Inkoo Shipping Oy Ab is a member of the Finnish Port Association.